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Srilankan Cinema had its origin in the south Indian cinema. Inauguration of the Singhalese cinema was in 1947 when S.M.Nayagam produced the first Singhalese movie Kadawunu Poronduwa. However, it was not a great success, the effort stood as a gateway to initiate movie industry in Sri Lanka. Most of the conventions and plans for a good cinema were already laid ell in South India, especially Tamil Nadu. Hence developing a Singhalese movie following these pre-established conventions was easier.

It took the Srilankan movie directors to go outside of these Tamil studio conventions. The first film that was sot outdoors was the Gambada Sundari. Interesting is the fact on how the sounds were record during that time. It was 1950 when this outdoor film was shot and the sound was recorded on spot. This means that they had to withstand crowd and outside sound to give a proper audio. After all the efforts, the film was successfully screened in Colombo in the same year.

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Other early movies like Rekawa, Sandesaya and Kurulu Bedda also followed the same story conventions of south Indian families and their emotions. This convention was also borrowed from South India. Though Rekawa’s was acclaimed to have a good story and screenplay, it did not hit so much profit as the Gambada Sundari. However, Rekawa was special in that it portrayed the culture of Sri Lanka. The next film that followed the path of Rekawa was the Gamperaliya. Since it was shot outdoors, the scenes were so realistic. The film won the Silver Peacock award in the New Delhi International Film Festival. This turned out to be a good start for the Srilankan movies. Many movies were directed during the late 1960s.

The decade 1970 was so tensed and vibrant for Sri Lanka movie industry. Though most of the films broke the regular convention of borrowing from Indian films, most of the commercial films continued borrowing from India. Many famous films like Bambaru Awith, Ahas Gauwa, Gehenu Lamai and Ganga Addara were directed and produced by youngsters and women. Apart from common people, artists and poets also came forward in rendering their ability into a film. Thun Man Handiya was given by the famous poet Dharmasena Pathiraja.

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Recent film Sulanga Enu Pinisa, a creation of Jayasundara’s won the Camera d'Or in the Cannes Film Festival. The recent projection of Srilankan movies is about relationships in family, culture of Srilankan and that of India, war between the Tamil Tigers and Military. Significant growth of a movie industry can be visualized if it has started to look into the current projection of problems in its society. Srilankan movie industry has started seeing this projection of problems. Path of light would soon follow the industry. 
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