Sri Lankan Culture

Sinhalese or Sinhala people live with the society and have strict laid rules for culture and against any activity that would keep the culture at stake. They are divided into communities based on their occupation. The major occupation of Sinhala people are trade and agriculture. At the higher end kings and politicians stayed. Kith and kin are always helpful and loveable in this culture. They are associative especially in terms of financial needs without demanding interest in return. The best part of this relationship is that, the tendency to feel a person inside the family does not originate in blood. They can consider a person so innate to their family even if they are unrelated by blood. This makes them so cultured and so civilized that they call their neighbors as amma (Mother), appa (Father), periyappa (Uncle), chithappa (Uncle younger than own father), akka (Elder Sister), malli (Younger Brother) and so on. Though the Sinhalese people follow a patriarchal culture, they give equal importance to women. Even before the Indian law stated equal property right to women, Sri Lankan families awarded equal property to women.
Maage Deshaya Sri Lankan Patriotic Song
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