Sri Lankan Music

The famous musical instruments that gave the best music of Sri Lanka were hybrid. Many scripts about music all over the world say that most of the musical instruments in the world originated from the tribal population’s inventions in Sri Lanka. Though lots of them were forgotten over the year, few survived.

1.      Gata Bera: A Gata Bera is played with two hands. It has two heads and it is barrel shaped. It is similar to the drums now played in India Festivals. It is also called as the Kandyan Drum. The structure of the Gata Bera is that two drums will be attached on their sides such that they sit adjacent to each other and musician sits in front of it to play it with his hands.

2.      Yak Bera: Yak Bera also has two heads but it is a single structure where the there is a single drum with two sides, one in the left and the other in the right. The musician has to either keep them in his lap or have a cloth tying the drum to his shoulders. This is played either by standing with drums hanging on stomach or sitting with drums resting on lap.

3.      Thammatama: Thammatama is a twin-drum usual used to announce in a countryside. It is played with sticks and was not used for music in the initial days. It was played on streets for government announcements to people.

4.      Udakkiya: Udakkiya is an interesting instrument where the drum is in the shape of an hourglass. The musician uses one hand to play the drum and the other hand is used to tighten or loosen the strength of the cloth that tensions the drum right in the middle.

5.      Hand Rabana: Hand Rabana is more or less like the Tambourine. It does not have metal jingles. It is played with both the hands.

6.      Bench Rabana: Bench Rabana has three or four Rabanas together where almost eight individuals play on individual Rabanas to give different mixture of music.

7.      Daula: Daula is a hybrid musical instrument that it is a two-headed drum where on one side, the hand is used and on the other side, a stick is used. By this set-up, they can provide two types of music right in the first instrument.

Most of the music instruments found in Sri Lanka are now used worldwide to give glory to the music. Sri Lanka is the birthplace of so many drum instruments.
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